Pre-arranged and Prepaid Funerals

We understand that every funeral is unique and a very personal occasion.

We regard your specific wishes and requirements as paramount. Our role is to provide a personal and memorable service which reflects your wishes, in a totally professional manner.

One way of achieving this is to talk to us before there is a need, Pre arrange your funeral.

You can pre arrange or pre-pay towards your funeral, or you can opt to do both.

The difference between pre arrangement and a pre-paid funeral

Pre Arranging is a way of ensuring that what you want for a funeral will be respected and carried out in the way you would like. To create the perfect farewell, we need to know your story.  We can meet with you and discuss all aspects of the funeral process, tailoring this to fit your individual needs and to provide your family with the opportunity to honour you in your last farewell.

  • Pre paying toward your funeral is the provision of financial component. Prepaying toward a funeral means when the time comes loved ones can gather together, support one another and remember and celebrate a life without the responsibility of making difficult choices in very emotional cirumstances, removing some of the stresses and financial burdens from your family.

Tararua Funerals uses The Funeral Trust, Funeral Directors Association of NZ and we are happy to discuss with you the details of how the trust would work for you and your families individual needs.

Pre arranging and Pre paying towards your funeral

  • Takes the burden away from your Family
  • You can plan the funeral you would like
  • Have peace of mind
  • Provide correct family history for BDM